At Torrenautic center we offer a full overwintering surface for your yacht, from collection at port if you wish, to the moment that it is returned to you. We overwinter motor yachts, light sailing vessels, personal watercraft, towers etc. Our premises are completely closed and secure, where your vessel will be kept safe from the harsh climate and any unforeseen incidents if you don’t have time to visit your boat often or if you don’t live in Torrevieja.

Overwintering your boat will mean considerable savings in mooring costs, not to mention preventing wear and tear on materials through their contact with sea water, thus extending the life of your vessel.

Once your yacht is stored at our facility, we will apply the appropriate treatments to keep the engines properly maintained until the next season, regularly checking the batteries and subsequently de-wintering.  We can also carry out hull cleaning work, polishing and applying antifouling as you require, in addition to making any other necessary repairs, and when the overwintering period is more than three months the cleaning service provided on leaving our facilities is included in the price.

Ask for an estimate with no obligation.


In Torrenautic center we offer you the possibility of maintaining your vessel in perfect conditions when you are unable to or when it needs some extra care. This service can be provided monthly or as needed, based on a pre-arranged schedule. We offer a maintenance service adapted to both your mechanical and electrical requirements, inside and out, in Torrenautic we believe that the key to extending the life of your yacht lies in regular maintenance, ensuring prevention of any future break downs.

If you are interested in this option we can provide you with an estimate, so please do not hesitate to ask.


In Torrenautic we offer the possibility of leasing both sailing and engine driven vessels with or without a skipper.


We can transfer vessels of any type and length. We will take your yacht to wherever you need it, however short or long the distance, with every guarantee.


We work with top marks such as Zodiac, Viking, Plastimo, Bombard , etc.  We offer a collection service, checking and maintaining the rafts both for professional and recreational purposes, with or without ISO certification.


We prepare your yacht for ITB inspection, checking nautical material, servicing and maintenance of extinguishers, flares, sales of life jackets and lifebuoys, etc.


In Torrenautic we offer you an enormous range of electronic equipment for facilitating sailing and navigating, portable and fixed GPS systems  Radar,  Plotters, VHF radio, automatic pilots, instrumentation, radio beacons, probes etc with top brands such as Raymarine, Garmin.Furuno, Gme, Ais, Mastervolt, sportnav, etc just tell us what you need and we’ll have the answer.